About us

We are Newland Church, an amalgamation of Bury Park URC, Edward Street URC, St Katherine of Genoa URC, St Ninians URC and Wigmore Church.  As a Local Ecumenical Partnership we are part of the Thames North Synod and grouped with other churches in the Heartland Local Area Group which includes St Albans, Welwyn Garden City, Harpenden and Wheathampstead, and also a part of the South Bedfordshire Methodist Circuit.

Our constitution 

  Our safeguarding policy 

We have two buildings, one in Dunstable and one in Luton and we seek to serve those two communities through offering worship, a community space, and a place of welcome for all.

Newland Dunstable

71 Katherine Drive, Dunstable

LU5 4NP      see map

Newland Luton

Crawley Green Road, Luton

LU2 9TE      see map

Sunday Worship please see the Church Worship page

Our minister is the Revd Heather Whyte, a United Reformed Church minister.

We are a new church and we look forward to exploring new ideas together, growing in God together, and following the way of Jesus as a model for our lives.  We are an open fellowship and welcome anyone as we:

ASK questions of faith, and what it means to follow the teachings of Jesus in today’s world;

SEEK answers that are relevant and which don’t demand acceptance of creeds or dogma;

FIND a welcome as together we try to spread a message of peace, justice and compassion to all.

We offer worship on both sites first three Sundays of the month, and a United service on one site on fourth and fifth Sundays of the month.  Worship is at 10.45am unless otherwise notified.  You can find details of coming worship on our Church Worship page.