Thoughts from the Manse 16th April

The sun is shining, and the garden is beginning to come back to life.  Not that it has been dead more in hibernation, and lockdown has created that feeling for many of us this year.  This time last year we were almost a month into our first ever experience of Lockdown, there was fear and frustration but also a sense of novelty as we learnt to cope with a different way of life.  Few of us anticipated that a year on, we would still be coping with a different way of life, and although restrictions are lifting, we are aware that things will be different until we have enabled the majority of the world population to be vaccinated. 

It is a joy therefore to see the blossom out on the trees, and the winter colour vibrant in the spring light.  I was tempted into the garden with my camera and share with you some of my favourite shots from this week.

First the winter colour with pots of mixed ‘evergreens’ and violas, I say evergreen but the truth is winter colour comes in all shades.

Apple blossom is amazing, and although our apple tree is still small, this year it is covered in blossom, catching it still in the breeze was the challenge.  Here are some photos that gladden my heart.

Blossom is a reminder of the wonder of creation, it is both delicate and robust, a system designed to sustain the species through the interaction with other species. 

There is an interdependence which is why the threat to bees will have such devastating consequences for humanity.  As we enjoy our gardens, we must be robust in protecting the future of our species by encouraging the insect population, and challenging practices which threaten the future of bees and butterflies.  We are all interdependent and the beauty around us must not be taken for granted, it is dependant on us, as we are dependent on it for our food and wellbeing.

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