Covid Memorial at Wigmore Church

As we approach Christmas this year, we are more aware of how fragile our hold on life can be, and that this year thousands more people will find Christmas a bittersweet celebration as they miss loved ones who have died during the year.  Around the country many churches have tried to reflect the depth of the effect of the pandemic on their own community with symbols of lost lives attached to fences. 

A conversation with a friend who had seen this prompted the creation of a flower memorial at Wigmore Church.  When we entered lockdown in March, one member at the church began a project to crochet a flower for every day of Lockdown, partly to give her something to do and to help maintain a healthy mental balance. Following the conversation with a friend this evolved into the Covid Flower Memorial and together the two ladies have crochet or knitted flowers for every person who has died from Covid 19 in Luton.  At the end of November, the memorial was mounted on the side of the church and can be viewed by anyone passing.

This memorial of flowers is a reminder that the numbers of deaths we hear every day aren’t just statistics but people, people with families, people who are loved. 

We hope and pray that the number of flowers will not need to be added to, but we are aware that the pandemic is still very prevalent around Luton and the two friends are still crafting so anyone who has lost someone will know that a flower has been created with love for their loved one and they are in our thoughts and prayers.

You can see the memorial by walking or driving past the front of the church.

Wigmore United Reformed and Methodist Church, Crawley Green Road LU2 9TE

May the New Year bring better news, and a safer, healthier and prosperous world, for everyone!